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Heat Shield by Noise and Heat Reduction

Heat and Noise Reduction Heat Shield is press lined thermal foam rubber material using our E-TAC formula which is 1mm thick aluminium foil layer. It reduces up to 70% of direct heat making one of the most effective easy to apply peal and stick heat barriers on the market. Effective up to 160°c the demand for this high quality Heat Shield has seen its way through endless applications.


MOMO products are now officially in South Africa

MOMO has always been one of those racing brands we grew up with, seeing and admiring from afar. Its one of those nostalgic brands that takes you back to the days of Ayrton Senna, Nigel Marshall and Michael Schumacher screaming around the track. Also, bringing back memories is the MOMO logo on the steering wheel taking centre stage. MOMO is a brand that built a reputation for performance, quality, and perfection. 

Marsh Roadster The south African Monocoque Cobra

The MarshRoadsterstarted around 2017 when Marchand Ochse fulfilled a childhood dream of building his own AC Cobra. He says. ” I purchased the kit and then my architectural background with design and detailing very quickly came to haunt me. I realized that I’m not going to get the detail and the design that I would get if I did it myself. The result was that I explored all sorts of options in terms of where I could go locally to get it done.

The Best Location For A Fuel Pressure Regulator

Location, location, location! Its not only the number one rule in real estate, but its also a contested point when mounting a fuel pressure regulator. There are those who believe its best to place a fuel pressure regulator close to the fuels destination (fuel rail, fuel log, carburettor, diesel or direct injection pump). While others feel its just fine to place it further away. Sometimes at the opposite end of the vehicle. Either philosophy could be correct, depending on the application.


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