Heat Shield by Noise and Heat Reduction

Ask any classic or old car lover and they will tell you how important heat insulation really is. Anyone who has done a roadtrip in a old car can tell you stories about how it feels like your feet are slowly cook with the heat coming from the motor and the road. No matter how many windows you have open or how strong that old aircon unit is blowing, the heat just keeps coming.


Heat and Noise Reduction Heat Shield is press lined thermal foam rubber material using our E-TAC formula which is 1mm thick aluminium foil layer. It reduces up to 70% of direct heat making one of the most effective easy to apply peal and stick heat barriers on the market. Effective up to 160°c the demand for this high quality Heat Shield has seen its way through endless applications.


This will help ensure a cool lifestyle, on the road, in the factory, on the water or on the farm while saving money, time and energy. This product is designed to predominantly offer thermal protection, it can also drown out noise to a certain extent, thanks to the fibrous, organic core layer that captures and eliminates some of the sound waves that try to creep up into a cabin.


So not only will your car be cooler inside but quitter as well.


Noise and Heat Reduction deliver high quality acoustic solutions to our customers with speed and accuracy. A quiet life, made simple.


Noise and Heat Reduction is based in Johannesburg and we have spent the last 10 years formulating our Sound Guard and Heat Shield to be the best, and the results speak for themselves. These easy to use DIY products can be used in industries such as Automotive, Marine, Industrial, and Agricultural. Our products have been used to treat acoustics for residential, corporate, industrial and retail.



    • Waterproof, heavy duty, clean, light, flexible.


    • Fire resistant


    • Recyclable, environmentally friendly


    • Effective in extreme temperatures both hot and cold


    • Easy to install


    • No special glues or heat guns required


    • Self-adhesive, peel and stick.


    • Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing Equipment


    • Use scissors, knife or die to cut material to the desired size.


    • Remove dust, grease and moisture from the surface.


    • Peel off the backing.


    • The simplest application technique is to bend the mat slightly and attach it along its shortest edge.


    • Press the mat firmly into place.


    • The roller reduces the risk of leaving air pockets, which reduce material’s sound damping capacity.


    • Heating the material is NOT necessary.


    • Work gloves should be used when handle foil backed material because the sharp edges when cut to different size.


    • Automotive, Marine & Agricultural

        • Under Hood of vehicle or boat

        • Firewall of the vehicle or boat in the engine bay


    • Building Thermal Insulation Material

        • Corrugated Roof Underlay

        • Stud Wall, Metal Frame Building Insulation.


    • Industrial

        • Protective coatings of ducts & pipes

        • Shells of air conditioner and water heater.

        • Generator boxes/rooms


    • 1 Sheet @ 1300mmx1000mmx6mm


    • Coverage 1.3sqm