Goodguys Announces The 2022 Award Winners


Coveted annual awards celebrate regional 2022 award winners from the Goodguys events, including two Chevrolet Performance awards and Goodguys Next Generation competition

The Benefits Of Fitting Alloy Wheels

You drive past a vehicle thats precisely the same as yours. Same model. Same colour. But for some reason, this one looks sportier. So whats the difference? Well, its probably the alloy wheels.

Article by TyreLife

Most car enthusiasts agree that no automotive accessory revolutionises a vehicles appearance quite like a set of alloy rims. But aside from head-turning good looks, there are several performance benefits to ditching your steel wheels in favour of aftermarket alloys.

Here are 7 benefits to fitting alloy wheels

Ernie Adams’ Dwarf Car Cruisers

“a Dwarf car” sounds like something Snow White’s vertically-challenged friends might drive, but they’re really miniature versions of full-size automobiles that are surprisingly roomy inside. They may be only waist-high, but they hold their own on both race tracks and roads — just ask the man who invented them, Maricopa residentErnie Adams.

Class and Color in the Maricopa Desert

Edition 53

Franco Di Matteo A Motorsport Legend

This months Motorsport Legend is Franco Di Matteo, aka The Italian Stallion, a fellow Benoni resident whom Ive known since my WesBank V8 racing days.

BY:Clare Vale

One of the nicest things about writing a series on Motorsport Legends is spending time with the subjects, listening to them reminisce about races past, Championships won and sharing their personal stories.

Vic Edelbrock Jr., 1936 2017

Vic Edelbrock Jr. passed away Friday, 9th June 2017, at the age of 80 after complications from a cold.

It’s with deep sadness that we announce the untimely death of our visionary and leader Vic Edelbrock Jr., the company website read. Vic passed away this evening from complications following a recent cold. His passing was peaceful and in the company of his closest friends and family. 


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