Purple Haze

1938 Chevy Coupe
Owner: Earl Don

Dainfern Golf estate is definitely not the place that you would think of ever spotting a Hot Street Rod, but the world is full of surprises, and Gauteng is frequently the biggest and baddest Jack in the Box. Earl Don seems like a composed and mellow kind of guy when you first meet him, but his passion for Hot Rods and need for speed quickly becomes apparent when he gets behind the wheel of his beautiful 38 Chevy.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this car was ZZTOP. “give me all yur lovin… all yur hugs an kisses tooo”. Its big sexy purple backside hanging over 275/40/17 tires screaming that this car “skrik nie vir koue pampoen nie”. If Stephen King’s demented and evil Clown Character from his Novel “IT” had his own personalised ride, this would be it. This thing is bad to the bone. Earl and his purple monster prowls the hoiti toiti suburban streets of a stiff upper lip upmarket security complex, dodging Golf carts, SUV’s and Ferraris on a regular basis. Cruzin for a bruzin. My kind of guy. I got in the passenger side and waited for the fun and games to begin.

The engine fired up on first try and idled happily with a slight off beat thump, telling me that the small block Chevy mounted in front has been fiddled with. Yes! I thought, let the good times roll. This was to be my first Custom Street Rod experience so I was quite excited and was hoping that he had a heavy foot. Luckily I was not disappointed.

The ride is hard and unforgiving and the car seemed to handle well, it’s also very low but definitely not slow. The custom Jaguar independent rear suspension hooks up with the tarmac like crazy glue; damn this thing goes like hell.

On a quiet stretch Earl decided to give it some stick, the shift kit modified TH 350 Tranny with Hurst Pro Matic Shifter kicked back violently to second with a chirp of the tires and in no time we were flying down the road at warp speed with the four barrel Edelbrock Carburettor sucking up what’s left of the ozone layer down its duel plane Manifold and me smiling widely. Slowing this lead sled down is no problem with disc brakes allround clamping down adequately.

In typical Rodding fashion, door handles are “shaved” and now pop open by means of solenoids hidden under the dash. The full leather cabin has been tastefully and professionally tailored to suit the overall feeling of the car. Modern seats and steering wheel were utilised and recovered in the same plush leather. The interior is all business, simple and to the point. Inner door panels have been relieved of their manual window regulators and replaced with electric units.

This car is no backyard build-up, a lot of thought, planning and cash went into what you see on these pages. Body work and fabrication wizardry was entrusted to Dan of D & T Motors and interior left in the capable and creative hands of Brian of Paul’s Auto and Trimming. It took 12 years to breath new life into this fat fendered golden oldie, now reincarnated and ready to hand you your own ass if you’re not careful with that gas pedal.