Motul Car Body Shampoo (500 mL)

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MOTUL® Car Body Shampoo is a powerful cleaner and degreaser for the entire car which washes and degreases the bodywork. It removes the "road film", the greasy dust and deposits a film which facilitates the runoff of the water and accel- erates the drying process. Suitable for all surfaces: Plastics, paints, varnishes, metals, synthetic fibers, ...

MOTUL® Car Body Shampoo formula is based on Montan wax which heals damaged varnishes and leaves a a bright, deep and durable shine.
Effectively removes all traces of grease, dust, soil, mosquitoes, brake pad residues, ...
Dries without leaving traces.

Leaves a dry anti-corrosion protective film which allows the water to bead off and accelerates the drying process. Protects paints and varnishes.


Dimensions: 25 cm × 22 cm × 19 cm
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