Flex-A-Lite Syclone S-Blade Electric Fans

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Flex-A-Lite Syclone
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Electric Fan, Syclone, S-Blade, 16 in. Diameter, Reversible, 2,500 cfm, Black, Plastic, Each

Flex-A-Lite Syclone S-Blade electric fans are very quiet and efficient. What's more, they can recover horsepower and torque that are stolen by typical belt-driven fans. Syclone's simple mounting and compact size makes them ideal for auxiliary cooling. They're reversible, too, so they can push or pull the air, and lots of it. These fans mount through the radiator core and come with rugged nylon shrouds engineered to withstand high temperatures.


Dimensions: 50 cm × 50 cm × 15 cm
Weight: 5 kg