1932 Ford Full Fenders Set Fiberglass

1932 Ford Full Fenders Set Fiberglass image 1
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32 Ford Full Fenders with Running Boards Fiberglass


  • 2 x Full front fenders Fiberglass
  • 2 x Side running boards Fiberglass
  • 2 x Rear Fenders Fiberglass

Our bodies are fabricated from high quality tooling resin, and 4 layers of chop strand matting, re-in forced with woven roven, a 5th layer on the floor inside doors and body panels. In the roof, doors, boot lid, bonnet, fenders, running boards, we also ad core mat as additional strengthening. We only use highest quality gel coat dark grey in colour. Upon moulding joints we add another layer of chop strand mat to ensure strength and durability.


Dimensions: 1800 cm × 800 cm × 800 cm
Weight: 75 kg