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It's always a proud moment when we know of a fellow South African who is out there making a name for themselves. I always like to think it's part of South Africa's DNA or their way of looking at problems or challenges, that help them come up with a completely different point of view or solution.  Sergio Rovito is one of those South African entrepreneurs taking the world by storm.

Born in Italy, Sergio's family moved to Vereeniging at the age of 3. Then, in 2014, Sergio made his way to the USA, where he owned a wheel repair shop in New York.

Sergio noted that one of the biggest issues facing the motor trade is being able to move cars around when the wheels have been stolen, damaged or simply if tires are flat. Yes, there are spare wheels available, but that means shops have to keep a large number of backup wheels with different PCDs to accommodate this problem. So, cars tend to stand for a long period and can't move through the repair production because of a lack of wheels. 

Sergio went to work on something different and in 2018 launched GUNIWHEEL Universal Vehicle Mounting System.

So what does that mean?

Made from polyurethane injection moulding, GUNIWHEEL is a strong and durable wheel that can go on almost any passenger car, SUV or Pickup and can keep a car moving while it is in production or in the repair process. This means no more waiting, as it massively speeds up production for repair shops.

The product is so good that in 2018 it won an award from SEMA for best new product!

GUNIWHEEL got the attention of KC who was known as the painter on the Gas Monkey TV Show, Fast n Lound. KC posted photos of GUNIWHEEL on his Instagram account and things went crazy from there on. Soon, GUNIWHEEL was everywhere as more custom car-building shops started grabbing the new product. Why, do you ask? In the custom industry wheels can cost in excess of R100 000. Therefore, it makes sense to have those expensive wheels nicely tucked away while you are building the car. Having a multi-PCD wheel available means shops can just keep a set of GUNIWHEELS and it can be moved from one project to another.

If you are a car person and you spend time on big customs like Kingdig, Counts Customs, Ringbrother and Gas Monkey garage, you will see GUNIWHEEL all over the place. GUNIWHEEL started appearing on every car-building TV show out there!

This one product totally changed the industry. The reason is that recovered cars whose wheels have been stolen, as well as crashed cars with broken wheels, became much easier and faster to move.

GUNIWHEEL is now available almost worldwide, with shops in Australia as well as Europe, where they started using this great new product.

Yes, GUNIWHEEL is available in South Africa. So, if you want to increase productivity in your shop or you are in a situation where you have a lot of cars needing to be moved around, GUNIWHEEL is the answer.

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