and Monster Energy Join Forces to Ignite the Stance Culture with Below The Claw

The Stance Culture in South Africa has experienced tremendous growth over the years, evolving into one of the most prominent Custom Car Cultures to date. From sleek, low-profile VW Golfs to a diverse array of customized vehicles, enthusiasts embrace the ethos that anything goes as long as it exudes coolness. This culture not only reflects a profound passion for all things custom and automotive but also fosters camaraderie and a shared fuel for unparalleled enthusiasm., South Africa's newest online media and parts store, proudly announces its collaboration with Monster Energy to elevate and celebrate the Stance Culture. The collaboration brings together industry influencer Darren (SuperFly), a well-known figure in the Stance community, to guide and steer the initiative in the right direction.

  The focal point of this collaboration is the "Below The Claw" online campaign, an endeavor designed to showcase everything Stance and custom in South Africa. Individuals and custom car shops are invited to create short videos or photos demonstrating their vehicles or projects sitting lower than the iconic Monster Claw found on a can of Monster Energy. Participants are encouraged to upload their submissions to any social media platform using the hashtags #BelowTheClaw, #RestoModSA, and #MonsterEnergy.

Joe van Zyl from expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "We are super excited about this collaboration between and Monster Energy. We have enthusiasts all over South Africa ready to capture features on some of the best cars, giving both the people and their cars the attention they truly deserve." A range of exciting prizes awaits participants, with details to be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Esteemed brands have joined the initiative to celebrate the diversity and creativity inherent in the custom car culture. To participate and for more information on the campaign, please visit

**How to Showcase Your Stance:**

  1. Create an awe-inspiring photo or video highlighting the unique stance of your vehicle.
  2. Challenge: Is your ride lower than the Monster Claw on a 500ml can of Monster Energy?
  3. Share your submission on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, using #BelowTheClaw, #MonsterEnergy, and #RestoModSA.
  4. Ensure you tag RestoModSA in your posts to enter the competition with style!

**Judging Criteria:**

  1. Be Awesome, Be Creative.
  2. Stance Brilliance: Showcase the most striking and unique stance your car culture has to offer.
  3. Monster Energy Fusion: Integrate the energy of Monster into your submission – let it amplify your car's presence.
  4. Hashtag Swagger: Include #BelowTheClaw, #MonsterEnergy, and #RestoModSA to steer your entry to victory!

Fuel the passion, amplify your stance, and let the world witness the pinnacle of Stance Car Culture. **Note:** Ensure your profiles are set to public during the competition for your entry to be considered. Winners will be announced in June 2024.  

Competiton Terms & Conditions

Get ready to dominate the Stance Challenge and let the world witness your car culture prowess! #StanceChallenge #RestoModStanceRevolution