An EVOLUTION of the legendary Ferrari 312PB of the 1970’s.

Edition 78
Photos and Article by Chris Krutch Wall
An EVOLUTION of the legendary Ferrari 312PB of the 1970’s.
Built by Ace Customs

The first thing most people think about just after waking up is probably coffee or perhaps the day ahead… for the designer of the Maranello 418SP, Grant Van Schalkwyk, the first thing he thought of early one morning in 2013 was the idea to build a “replica” of a 1972 Ferrari 312PB endurance racing car. Many would ask why, but this isn’t usually a question that features in such decisions. Armed with this new idea, construction of the chassis started but due to other commitments and a lack of funding the project remained unfinished until it was reignited late in 2015. On a visit to Grant’s shop, friend, serial entrepreneur and ardent petrol-head, Wayne Exner, was presented with the bare bones tube chassis of the then unnamed project. Seeing and believing in Grant’s vision and his extensive expertise, Exner committed to being a partner in the project and the rest as they say is history. It was at this point that the Maranello brand and the Maranello 418SP was born. 

The vision of the two-man team was to build a race car capable of delivering exhilarating modern day performance, whilst also embodying the raw passion of racing from a bygone era. Both being extreme perfectionists they set out on a mission to manufacture the car to the highest level of quality and deliver it to customers at an attractive price point (for the level of performance and quality).

The Maranello 418SP (Sports Prototype) is an evolution of the famous 1972 World Endurance Championship winning Ferrari 312PB. Born out of a passion for racing and an era when it was man versus machine! The brain child of multiple championship winning racing driver Grant van Schalkwyk, the Maranello 418SP is specifically designed to be an engaging and exciting racing car which awakens all of the senses! 

The original Ferrari 312PB was driven by a host of world famous Formula 1 drivers such as racing legends Mario Andretti, Ronnie Peterson, Brian Redman and Ignazio Gunti, all of whom were responsible for winning the 1972 Endurance World Championship for Scuderia Ferrari. The Maranello 418SP captures the spirit of these brave hearted gladiators with its raw ‘racer’ character.

The Maranello 418SP has been fabricated to the highest level of quality, with every weld, thread and detail being painstakingly completed to ensure that finished product is not only phenomenal to drive but also to look at! 

Designed to accommodate various motorsport applications, the Maranello 418SP can be configured by customers to compete in events such as:
• ‘Original’ replica in historic events
• Track day specific racer
• Time attack \ hill climb
• Endurance \ sprint events