Please not that the Auction on the 1969 Pontiac GTO has been canceled until further notice!

This 1969 Pontiac GTO is a perfect specimen of the legendary Muscle car named THE JUDGE.  This is not an original Judge, it is called a clone. Meaning it has most of the original Judge parts – Bonnet, Spoiler and sticker pack but is still seen as a GTO. 

The sale of this 1969 GTO Pontiac Classic Motor Vehicle (License NUR 53781, VIN 242379G124300, Engine number 0397014YS, Odometer: 76,258 miles will take place by public auction (with no reserve) at 10H00 on 04 NOVEMBER 2021. The auction will be conducted at FIRST FLOOR PARKING GARAGE, 168 GRAYSTON DRIVE, SANDTON.


“Pontiac hit a home run with the GTO’s introduction in 1964. It caught the automotive world by surprise. Soon thereafter there were many competitors in the new “muscle car” segment which the GTO had created. Sales continued to rise each year until sales slightly declined in 1967. Pontiac realized it was going to have to up its game for 1968 and 1969 in order to stay ahead of the competition. The end result was the GTO was given legendary sleek body styling well ahead of its time and additional versions of its powerful 400 cubic-inch V8. During this time period it was hard to believe the GTO by the mid-1970s would be forced into automotive retirement.

By 1968 the muscle car competition was fierce, and Pontiac did not even break a sweat. Pontiac’s strategy for the GTO was to continue to offer better versions of its high-performance 400 cubic-inch V8 and improve exterior and interior styling to increase GTO sales. For 1968 this strategy worked perfectly with total sales increasing to 87,684 units. 

The 1968 GTO had a new body style that was more rounded and was enhanced by optional hide-away headlights. These headlights were bordered by a new beautiful Endura front bumper that was painted to match the exterior body color. The Endura front bumper was a technological innovation, it could sustain a light hit and within a few hours revert back to its original shape.

Similar body colored plastic bumpers are today currently available on most cars and SUVs. Pontiac at the time was not sure how GTO buyers would react to the new Endura front bumper so it offered an Endura delete option that replaced the Endura bumper with a traditional front chrome bumper. These fears were unfounded, the Endura front bumper was a mega success, very few buyers opted for the Endura delete option.

The 1969 GTO had a new front parking light design, a new rear taillight and rear chrome bumper design were the primary changes along with a few other slight changes. By 1969 GTO sales were still very good, the Judge was first intended to be a budget GTO package to compete with the low cost budget oriented Plymouth Roadrunner.

By the time Pontiac engineers were done with developing the Judge for production, the Judge had evolved into a high-end GTO option.”

This GTO runs a Pontiac 400cid V8 with some added extras, Edelbrock Performance Heads, Edelbrock Intake Manifold, Edelbrock Carburettor and Th350 Automatic Gearbox. The car still has its original white leather interior and is in a fair condition.

To take part in the auction, all bidders will be required to pay a deposit of R10,000.00 to the Sheriff Sandton South via EFT or in cash prior to the auction starting, and present their FICA documents to the Sheriff, being original ID document / ID Card or passport (not driver’s licence) together with a copy thereof and proof of address that is not older than 3 months. If payment of the deposit is made by EFT, proof of payment must be presented at the Auction.

 If the bidder is a company, then the following FICA documents must be presented to the Sheriff at the auction:

  • Notice of Incorporation (CoR 14.1)
  • Registration Certificate (CoR 14.3)
  • Latest updated Memorandum of Incorporation for Profit Companies (CoR 15.1B)
  • All Notices of Change of Directors (CoR 39)
  • Latest Registered Address (CoR 21)
  • Latest notice of change of auditor or secretary of member of audit committee (CoR 44)
  • Utility Bill not older than three months reflecting the company’s business address
  • Identity Document or valid Passport (which has not expired) of each serving director, which has been appointed in this company
  • Proof of Income Tax Number and Vat Registration Number of the Company (where applicable)
  • Proof of banking account (transactional information may be blacked out)
  • Resolution authorising the bidder (individual) to represent the Company in the auction and to bind the company in the acquisition of the auctioned goods.

The highest bidder will be required to pay the full auction price at the end of the auction, via EFT or cash, to be received by the Sheriff on the day of the auction.

The deposits will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders after the auction is concluded. Deposits received via EFT will be refunded within 7 to 14 working days. As the auction will be held away from the sheriff’s office, card facilities will likely not be available. The auction shall be subject to the provision of the Magistrates Court Act and rules. The rules of the auction are available 24 hours prior to the auction at the office of the sheriff. The Sheriff will sign the change of ownership forms upon full payment. The buyers are protected in terms of Section 70 of the Magistrates Court Act

If you want to make an EFT into the Sheriffs bank account the details of the account are attached – please use the following reference number: 4740/2019 and your name:

Bank Details:

  • Legal entry name: Sheriff Sandton South
  • Name of Account holder ITO Section 22 of ACT 90 of 1986
  • Account Number: 012802980
  • Branch code: 012345
  • Branch code: 051001
  • SWIFT address: SBZA ZA JJ

For full details and KYC required by the Sheriff please send an email to