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If Count Draculas coffin had an engine then this is what he would be sitting in. The red leather interior is in perfect contrast to the matt black exterior with its chrome trimming. Clint found his 1970 W108 Mercedes 280S on Gumtree from someone who deals in exotic birds and exotic is what he got. The original colour was ivory white and he took it to a garage to be re-sprayed but they botched it up.

It was this, using a rather unconventional medium, which made Clint decide to do it himself. So, with the help of his brother, he used Plasti-dip with a low compressor to give it six coats in the space of a day. Plasti-dip is a special rubber coating used to rubberise the handles of tools. 

By: Karl Eriksen   Pics: Black Jet Camaro

He says that if he ever wants to change the colour, he can simply peel it off. Clint wanted something he could use and enjoy daily so he was not concerned about sticking to the original look. The inspiration for the matt look was derived from an American car program that he watches called Counts Customs and further influence was the US Hot Rod Rockabilly/Ace Caf Scene. Therefore, he wanted something different that would be noticed and noticed it is. When he drops his daughter off at school, its the people in Maseratis that look at his car.

He has owned two Mercs before but this particular one was in excellent shape with an original 70 000 miles on the clock. It had been standing in a garage for years and after sorting out the battery, it started for the first time.  In addition, hes added after-market Atlas white walls that are simply inserted around the beading of the tyre when theyre put back on the rims. Clint is thinking of replacing the engine with a 4.5 Mercedes V8 and floor shift auto box. Then, he also wants to change the suspension to air suspension as this change will give it that low look when parked and make his ride a lot more comfortable.

When he finds what hes looking for, he replaces small bits of the interior. Not that he has any trouble finding spares as the person he sold his previous Merc to, has plenty available. Furthermore, the original Blaupunkt radio is still in place and works perfectly. The two fans (one in front and one at the back) that came along with the car are there to stay, even though Clint says: All they do is blow hot air around. Finally, to finish it off he would like to add red pinstriping around the wheels and on the bonnet and tint the windows.

Also, Clint doesnt belong to any clubs and neither does he do any shows. Hes happy with his car and he reckons that perfectionists at these shows will point out little things that dont bother him. If he does buy another vehicle itll definitely be another Mercedes, he says with a smile. I try and catch a telltale sign of any fangs but perhaps its too early in the morning for that. 


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