1969 Chrysler Barracuda

Owners Name and Surname: Johan Lubbe Builders Name and/or Shop name: All American Muscle

While Johan Lubbe was growing up in PE, his dad used to have a Valiant Station wagon and so, like many South Africans at that time, the Chrysler Valiant was ingrained into his DNA. Fast forward a couple of years and Johan came across this 1969 Valiant Barracuda. The car belonged to a guy named Wayne from Mooinooi, who was the second owner. The first was Wayne’s dad who got the car straight off the showroom floor. When the chance came to own the Sport version of his dad’s old Valiant, he jumped at it. He had always had a love for the Barracuda – the shapes and lines were different from other cars produced at that time. Johan did the deal which also included some old car parts and the body from an old Waggoneer. 

Once he got the car home, Johan started stripping it. It already had a 350 Chevy engine installed and the body looked like it would need some extra attention. Once they started to take off the paint, he started to run into problems. Chunks of body putty were coming off the car and due to this, he decided to send the car to a professional. 

Johan made contact with Drikus from All American Muscle, based in Alberton. They have made a name for themselves by building some American Muscle cars with serious horsepower. For what Johan had planned for the car, All American was the perfect choice. He wanted to build a once-off supercharged monster!

The car was sent to Sandblasting Boys in Centurion where all the body putty and paint was removed. The car had rust in all the normal places however, the inner fenders had been cut at some stage. New panels were imported from the USA. The new panels were installed along with a new floor being fabricated. 

Next on the list was the suspension. Johan planned on putting down some serious power so both the suspension and the brakes would have to match that. The guys added a sub-frame, connectors, traction bars and a 6-point custom roll cage to strengthen the body. 

The front suspension and K-member is a full QA1 tubular setup that was imported. The rear is an aftermarket Hotchkis suspension with Competition Engineering traction bars connected to a Track 9 custom full floating Detroit locker diff. This setup does not simply handle the increase in power but gives excellent drive quality with performance to match. For the brakes they went with all round a Vari Brake setup with Billet Aluminum calipers and vented slotted discs and a hydroboost. It was finished off with some nice parts from Future Tech Fittings. 

Now it was time for paint. Johan loved the Pepper Grey colour of the Eleanor Mustang from the Gone in Sixty Seconds movie and this is why he opted for the colour we see today. All American added a custom side decal and blacked out all the trim to give the Barracuda a more aggressive look.

A fiberglass bonnet was imported from the USA as the new motor would need a lot more space that was originally available in the original car. The motor is a Chrysler 383 that has been stroked to 431, pushing out around 1000 BHP. The guys from All American sourced the 383 motor locally and sent it, along with a serious grocery list, to Rowan Moore at RPM Tech. The list included a 440 Stroker kit, 440 Source Heads, complete BDS 6-71 Blower kit running 1.2 Bar Boost, two Holley 750 cfm double pumpers upgraded to handle methanol, a MSD Billet distributor and ignition system and last but certainly not least, Roller Rockers. It also runs a Water Meth cooling system. 

The exhaust is a full custom stainless steel system with cut outs built by Millennium 7 Performance. When we asked Johan why he wanted to go so big, he said that he wanted something different, something that stands out and that people will remember. I think he definitely ticked all of those boxes. 

For the interior, he kept most of it original except for the two Scirocco seats that are covered in genuine leather and the full custom aluminum dash with billet bezels housing Auto Meter gauges. Other touches also added are the full custom aluminum handmade grille with billet headlight and indicator bezels which were all fabricated by All American Muscle. We asked Johan if the car was same as what he originally had planned for the build and he said no, the vehicle evolved as the build progressed and the end result is much better. 

This is car is something you have to experience. The raw power of 1000 BHP next to you vibrates into your soul. Not bad for a project that took just 18 months to complete!