1967 VW Beetle

Bernard Stander Snr

Bernard Stander Snr love for cars and all things Aircooled started at the age of 11 with a Aircooled Fiat 500. I’ve been involved with Aircooleds since then. I’ve
had 34 cars altogether. He runs a Facebook group Called Aircooled Hooligans South African Chapter. It is a worldwide movement of enthusiast of air-cooled cars who drive their cars on a regular basis. Bernard took the group to the road with amazing support of the members of the group. The group strongly believe in giving back to the community and support various charities through charity drives and meets, especially where children can be helped. Since forming the group, they have done two Christmas drives with great success. Bernard has lots of praise for the awesome people in the group, which is still growing.

Bernard Snr saw this 1967 VW Beetle in its original condition at a shopping centre for a long time and approached the owner it was driven by a lady in Farramere. I had to have it. He wanted something different for his son Bernard Jnr, so when the owner of the car decided to sell it, He was the first to get the call and immediately bought the car. Bernard Snr explains that he decided to build this car for his Son, so that he cannot sell it to buy the next project. Genius!!!

The 1967 VW Beetle was in very rough condition, hence the reason for building a ratty car. It had rust everywhere, actually it still has the same rust…lol,  Body work took all of 2 hours, A friend of Bernard, Freddy Olckers did the primer sides and rims.

The engine is a 1691cc single port motor that was rebuilt by German Steel Toys with a 31 solex pushing out between 50-60hp. A Kadron free flow exhaust rounds out the package. The suspension is static lowered at the rear with an adjustable beam at the front. For wheels Bernard is running the standard steel wheels with 146/65 at the front. However the rear has been widened to a 6J with 205.65 at the rear.

The interior of the car was decorated by his Son is an absolute assault to the eyes, there is so much to look at that you barely know where to start!

The seats were designed to mimic a Converse Sneaker with a shoelace in the middle of the seat and was beautifully done by Fantasy Ridez Customs.

When we asked if the end result was the same as the original Bernard response was very much so. We wanted to build a attention-seeker to build the Aircooled Hooligans group…it worked!