1958 Chevy Apache


Owner: Mark Schroeter

Mark Schroeter was never a big Old School Pick-up fan. Till he got his hands on his first Chevy 1957 Pick-up. After that he was hooked for life. Mark loved his 57 Pick-up, It had become part of the family so it was very sad when Mark got a offer he couldn’t refuse and let the truck go. His family was so sad they ended up getting it spray painted on a wall in Mark’s man cave. The search was on once again for a new project.

A year later Mark came across a great deal on a rusted-out cab with parts included from the US. He saw this as an opportunity to build up his dream Chevy from scratch. My son Devon and I decided to make this a passion project from engine to colour. Our First idea steering towards a rusted-out sleeper,  that would be an every day car, that we did not want to fuss over too much. However, after it went to sandblasting the condition was in far better condition than intesepated, it made us change our mind to rather produce a show quality retro truck.

To start with the chassis was a complete rebuild from scratch, we installed a Jag suspension with fully adjustable coil overs and discs all around. The Jag suspension came with the shell I bought and the Jag for me was the most comfortable ride there is. The motor  is a standard old school 350 Chevy motor with dress up kit and a T3 auto box. I The motor was from a friend who had rebuilt. Exhausts were fully costumed with headers.

NS Bodyworks completed the paint work and we were fortunate that they were just as fussy with the end product they wanted to produce. We decided on a two-tone colour which was specially mixed with pearl to highlight the lines of the vehicle we used a spin off of the 50th Porsche Anniversary colour.
All the parts on the vehicle were imported from the USA and we chromed the whole bottom of the car to keep it pristine together with the badges. Wood decking makes up the back bin and cleans it off nicely.

For Interior we wanted old school look which we kept plain and original with a leather upholstered bench seat and decoder clocks and thick carpet which is fully sound proof with hidden sound. Steering wheel was also imported from the US as we had a specific look we wanted with the solid wood. 

Wheels are 15-inch Detroit steelys that I gor from MK1 Wheels. Running 10J’s at the back and 8J’s at the front. Wrapped in a set of Hercules tyres, running on 295’s at the back and 255’s at the front.

Were fortunate in that everything fell into place and only real challenges we faced was we broke the first windscreen when we tried to fit it and had to scramble to find a replacement windscreen to finalise the build other than that we were so fortunate that all went smoothly. We took over two years to build as we wanted to take our time and had a very fussy builder (who wishes to remain anonymous) he believes in old school cool and keeping with the originality of the vehicle.

The outcome is a vehicle that is a dream car to drive and has the looks of old school with the reliability of a new vehicle.