1949 Ford F1

Owners Name: Zabby Bray
Builders Name and/or Shop name: The vehicle was built by Zabby, the owner of Zabby’s Coach works and Awesome Colours
Location of the vehicle: Cape Town

What was the reason you decided to build a Hotrod/Muscle Car/Pickup and what initially sparked your enthusiasm with regards to these type of cars?
I have had a passion for vintage and classic cars since a young age. I have built many cars over the years, but my dream was to build a Ford F1 vintage pickup.

Is this your dream car?
Yes, it is my dream pickup. I specifically wanted this year and model of pickup.

Where did you find the project?
It was a friend’s vehicle that was standing in his backyard under a tree.

Is there a story with regards to how you came across the project?
It was a friend’s vehicle that I always admired. I told him if he ever wanted to sell the vehicle, he should contact me first. After fifteen long years, I finally got the call that he was ready to part with it.  

What was your original plan for the build?
The original plan was to build the pickup into a hot rod.

What condition was the Body in?
The body was completely rusted because it was standing outdoors for many years and therefore needed complete restoration.  The wheels and tyres were completely buried in the sand.

How bad was the rust or body work?
The body work was very bad and needed complete restoration.

Did you have it sandblasted?
No, the pickup was not sandblasted – I did not want to damage the body panels. I stripped the vehicle down with paint stripper and sanded the rest of the vehicle with an orbital sander to get the vehicle down to bare metal.

How long did the body work take?
The bodywork took just over a year.

Did you import any body panels?
No, all the body panels were repaired.

Anything special you can tell us regarding body work on the car?
I tried to keep everything standard on the bodywork. The handles, gutters and wiper holes were shaven.

Who did the Body work on the car?
Zabby and Sons and the Zabby’z Coachworks team.

What is the name of the color that was chosen for the car?
I created the colour myself and therefore there is no specific name for it.

Paint Type: I used GenRock paint on the vehicle with a mixture of my own paint powders to get to the color I wanted to enhance the color of the vehicle.

How did you find the color?
After many trials and attempts, I finally came across the perfect colour that suited the pickup the best.

Who did the paint work?
I mixed and sprayed the colour myself.

Anything you want to add regarding the paint?
I mix and sell my own paints and used a concoction of Kandy, flakes and pearls to get to that specific color on the pickup.

Does the car have the original chassis?
Yes, I used the original chassis.

Are there any modifications to the chassis?
The chassis was kept original.

Are the front and rear suspension original?
I used Jag front and rear suspension.

Why did you choose the suspension you have?
I chose that suspension because it gives a soft and smooth drive.

Did you upgrade the brakes?I have a full Jag brake system with power brakes front and rear.

Where did you get the parts from?
To get these parts, I broke up a Jag.

Where did you find the motor?I had a motor and gearbox that was suitable for the pickup in one of my other vehicles.

Who built or rebuilt the motor?
The motor was in a good condition therefore it didn’t need to be rebuilt.

What is the part spec on the motor?
The motor is a 351 Ford Cleveland and an FMX gearbox with a Hurst Shifter.

Exhaust: the exhaust system was built by Aslan from MTH Auto.

Intake/Carb: I have an Edelbrock intake with a 650 Holley Carb.

Anything you want to add to details with regards to the motor?
The mechanical work was done by my friend Niezaam and Ricky. They got the car up and running.

Who did the interior?
The interior was done by my friend Ghamza Daniel’s of GM Autotrimmers.

Where did you get the seats?
I had the original bench seat reupholstered.

Any interesting parts with regards to the interior you want to talk about?
The interior is full leather and the roof lining was done in a diamond stitch by the upholsterer.

Did you upgrade the dash and the gauges?
The original dash and clocks were used but the clock inserts were sprayed Gold and the dash was sprayed in a green Kandy with golden and green flakes.

Where did you get the parts from?
The parts are original.

What wheels are on the car?
I customized the wheels on the vehicle myself.

Tyre/Size: Rear tyres 275/60 15”. Front 205/50 15”.

Grille/Shell: the parts on the vehicle are all original.

Windows: New Windows were cut for the vehicle.

Did you have parts chromed?
All the parts on the vehicle are stainless, so the parts did not need to be chromed.

Any one part of the car you want to talk about that stands out?
The woodwork in the load bin was done by the Ryklief Brothers.  I customized the wood by adding flakes to the clear coat and metal strips to the wood.

 Is the end result same as the original Plan?
Yes, but there were some minor changes done through the build.
Rebuild Time: approximately 2 years
What is next to build?
I have a 1940 Ford Coupe Deluxe that will be our next project.
Anybody you would like to thank?
I would like to thank my family for supporting me through this project and all my friends for supporting me through the blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights for sacrificing their time for this build.