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The immortal deuce, the ultimate hot rod the 1932 Ford Roadster is the car that started it all.

Article: Ashley Thompson
Photos: Ivan Mostert
Owner: Tim Eastwood
Builder: Karl/Creative Carversions

The 1932 Ford Roadster is a car that has transcended time to become a true icon. A car that not only laid down the foundation for the quintessential American automobile but also came to define a uniquely American automotive culture. From Bonnie and Clyde to the Beach Boys, the 1932 Ford has been at the centre of it all.

So, after building a drop-dead gorgeous 58 Chevy Apache, Tim set his sights on a traditional-style hot rod. Together with Karl from Creative Carversions, he took the time to perfect this nostalgic deuce roadster.

They considered many options and different body styles but settled on a Miller 32 roadster body as the starting point. The Miller 32 body sits perfectly on a matching Miller chassis, modified and braced to give this 32 a lower, meaner stance. Furthermore, keeping with the traditional direction of the build, a suicide-style front axle, sourced from a 1950s Chevy Pickup, was narrowed, braced and custom-fitted with Miller hairpins. Also, the rear end received the traditional treatment and a live rear axle with an M75 differential was fitted.

Keeping it in the Ford family, a modified 302ci V8 was sourced to power the 32. Then, the 302 received a good few go-faster upgrades in the form of 302 B heads, mild street cam, Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley carburettor and MSD electronic ignition to name a few. Producing just shy of 300 horses, harnessed through a 5-speed manual transmission, and weighing in at a mere 990kg, this deuce is definitely no slouch and those roaring lakes-style headers mean you can hear it coming a mile away. Therefore, not only is this 32 quick, but it can also stop on a dime thanks to the upgraded front and rear disc brakes.

The body received a thorough old-school treatment and, at first glance, you may be mistaken for thinking this 32 roadster is a coupe. Thats thanks to the custom Keith Bright removable hardtop. Also, the slick black paintwork, coupled with the checkered flag firewall and old-school sign-writing on the doors, completes the traditional style to perfection. In addition, no details were overlooked when building this roadster, from the period-correct cowl braces to the 32 aluminium radiator, and even the addition of a yacht fuel filler cap.

The contrasting red 15 steelies, together with their chrome beauty trim rings and bullet centre caps, complete the traditional hot rod look perfectly. Look a little closer and youll notice that the rear wheel offset has been customized, creating a snug wheel-to-body gap and further refining the presence of this 32.

The interior is simple yet stylish, finished with traditional red and black styling cues. Furthermore, sticking to the theme, the interior was fitted with black-face Dolphin gauges and long-reach aircraft-style toggle switches. For added safety, a custom-made cage was installed between the drivers footwell and the firewall. Finally, the addition of a 1950s Chevy steering wheel, sporting its original patina, brings a real sense of nostalgia to the interior.

This deuce roadster was built to be driven and pays homage to the blue-collar backyard mechanics of yesteryear, the old-school hot rodders who wanted speed and thrills. 

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