Wide Body

Owners Name and Surname: Greg Parton

Builders Name and/or Shop name: Greg’s Garage

2016 Ford Mustang GT Manual

Photos by Lisa Woest

When Greg heard that Ford were going to manufacture a right-hand drive Mustang for the first time and that they were to be imported into South Africa, he placed his order immeditately with Umgeni Ford in Durban. It was the perfect opportunity for him to own one of these cars with minimum fuss and without having to go through the hassle of converting it to right-hand drive as would have been the procedure in the past. The car also came with an independent rear suspension for the first time which was a major improvement. In the past the vehicles had a solid rear axle and handling was terrible, especially on customized cars with more power. He initially wanted to turn the car into a fast street car with minimal customization but eventually, he went full wide body with her and turned the car into a monster that will always be a head-turner. 

The car was given to Clark & Kent in Sydney Road, Durban and they carried out the wide kit conversion. The orginal fenders had to be significantly cut and trimmed and welded before the new kit could be fitted. They mentioned that it was a lot of work and had to be done with care as the kit came with no installation instructions. Stainless steel button head screws were Kal-Gard coated black and used to fasten the new bodywork to the car. There is now absolutely no chance of returning the car to standard in the future. The body panels imported from the USA are from a company called Clinched. 

The paint type on the car is a basecoat clear and the colour is a standard Ford colour. The paint work was also done by Clark & Kent. 

The car has its original chassis but the front and rear chassis stiffners were modified. The front and rear suspension are original.  KW2 adjustable coilovers were fitted which have improved the ride and handling enormously as well as allowing the ride height to be adjusted. The diff has not been changed yet but the drive train is starting to make more and more noise due to wear and tear that have been caused by the extra power so Greg may have to it a performance gearbox, drive shafts, diff and side shafts at some stage. He also mentioned that the car would benefit from an aftermarket LSD. The brakes were not replaced as the Brembos that came with the car do an excellent job. 

Greg’s Garage did the engine rebuild. The part specification on the motor is a Ford Coyote 5.0L with a Roush supercharger. The fitment of the supercharger is pretty straightforward. Greg said that there were a few challenging bits which were more difficult than what was shown in the instructions. 

The interior and seats are standard Ford. He fitted a Roush short shift kit which really helps with the fast gear changes. The wheels on the car are 20 x 12.5 rear and 20 x 11 front that he bought from BC Forged. The tyres are 345/25/20 on the rear and 315/25/20 on the front. 

All other parts on the car are standard. Greg says that what stands out for him is the overall look of the car. The rear carbon wing really finishes the overall look perfectly. He also says that the car accelerates relentlessly and the handling is fantastic with the car cornering like a race car. Rael Greenspan fitted a custom Rockford Fosgate sound system and the sound is crystal clear with just the right amount of bass coming from 2 x 10 inch subs mounted perfectly in the boot space.  The rebuild time was 4 months. 

Greg is currently busy building a 3-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon into which he is fitting a Genright Elite rockcrawling suspension, a supercharger and various other customisations. He is also finishing off a ’74 Porsche Targa and a ’93 Dodge Viper.

He would like to say a special thanks to Zane Davidson and Wayne Cammidge as well as Clark & Kent.