Scribante 42 Jailbar

Owners Name: Franco Scribante

Builders Name and/or Shop name:  Scribante Racing – Scribante Racing workshop 

Location of the vehicle:  Kyalami

Photos by Boost SA

The Scribante name has become synonymous with Racing in South Africa. When the team from Scribante Racing decided to build a Hot Rod truck, we knew it was going to be spectacular.

Franco Scribante says “I decided to build this truck as these particular vehicles have always been a part of my life and business. I have always been a huge fan of this particular shape and model. The truck was originally found in Barkley West and as with so many other shops, the original plan was to build a shop truck and parts runner however, one thing led to another and here we are.”

The first thing to do was send it for sandblasting. Once everything was back in the workshop, it was time to move on to the bodywork. They decided that no panels would be imported so all parts needed were fabricated inhouse at Scribante Racing. All the gaps in the car are lead-filled, including the body work. It took just over 4 months to complete the above. 

Now it was on to the drivetrain. They decided to get rid of the original chassis. This was replaced with a full Scribante Racing chassis. This was designed by Cobus Jonker, the Racing Manager. It included a double wishbone front with adjustable coil overs on the front and rear. The rear is a 3 link with a 9 inch diff and panhard rod. They also did a full brake upgrade. 

When it came to the motor, they decided to go with a 347 cubic inch Ford V8 that was laying around in the workshop and had come from the 350 Shelby track Mustang. The motor was stripped and rebuilt and aluminum heads, race crank and pistons, street cam and a Holley 650 vacuum advance were added. The motor pushes out a cool 500 HP. The gearbox is a C4 auto box that was imported from the USA. The exhaust was fabricated by Scribante Racing. 

With the running gear all installed, it was time for paint. The colour chosen is called Geso Grey and is a PPG type paint. Franco had seen the colour on a Porsche that was parked in a basement and from that moment on, had always loved the colour. The paint job is a 3-stage pearl and the outcome, and I am sure you will agree, is amazing. 

The interior was done by Jan Van Zyl Upholstery and is based on a Scribante Racing design. The seats were all custom made. The entire interior was 1970’s Ford racing inspired. The steering is from a Mustang 3T350. All the dash and gauges are imported from Classic Instruments in the States.

The wheels are American Racing and were also imported. The tyres wrapped around these great rims are Dunlop Historic semi-slick race tyres – 15/9 on the front and 15/12 on the rear. 

On a truck like this, it is all about the detail. The grille on the vehicle was custom made from wood. All the chrome bits were sent to African Electroplating to be re-chromed. The headlights were upgraded and the taillights are from a Model A Ford. 

The end result is next level considering how the build was originally supposed to turn out. The fact that this build took 9 months is mind-blowing. Next on the list for Scribante is a 1965 Ford Galaxy. We cannot wait to catch up with them when this build is complete.

Anybody you would like to thank?

Cobus Jonker – Racing Manager

Eddie Kuppan – Mechanic

Dwaine Degenaar – Spray painter