Building the Motor

Edition 18

By: Gerhard van Vuuren

Well hopefully you guys have selected your base models for the project. I have settled on the AMT 66 Pro Street Nova in its “Rides Issue” guise. This chapter of the build covers building and finishing of the motor as well as adding ignition leads. For the ignition leads I use a 0.5mm  single core wire called wire wrapping wire available in eleven different colours from and for spark plug boots I use the vinyl sleeving from normal telephone wire. The reason being that the wrapping wire is the same diameter as the inside of the telephone wire, thus it slips snugly into the sleeving, creating the illusion of a spark plug boot!  Over and above your normal modelling tools and materials you will need the following:

  • 5 minute 2 part epoxy glue
  • Thin Superglue
  • 0.5mm wrapping wire or aftermarket ignition wire (for plug leads)
  • Telephone wire (To make spark plug boots)
  • Selection of drill bits from .5mm upwards
  • Pin vice (Hand drill) 

Assemble the basic motor consisting of the engine & gearbox halves, heads, sump and water pump Fig 1. When everything is dry, drill holes for the plug leads in the heads in the appropriate locations with yor pin vice and a suitable sized drill bit. I used a 1mm drill bit as I will use telephone wire sleeving for spark plug boots Fig 2. Now paint the gearbox in your favourite metal colour (I use Tamiya Matt Aluminium) Fig 3, mask the bell housing and gearbox & paint the block & heads (I used Tamiya Mica Blue) 

Fig 4 . When everything is dry, remove the masking and paint the oil filter (I used orange to simulate a Fram filter) Fig 5. Now let’s tackle the distributor. Drill a .5mm pilot hole in the distributor cap Fig 6 and using increasing size drill bits enlarge the hole until only the outer edge of the distributor is left Fig 7. Cut 9 pieces of your plug wire and glue into the hole with a drop of 5 min Epoxy. I used yellow to simulate aftermarket Accel wires Fig 8. Set aside to dry. Strip the sleeving from a piece of telephone wire and cut into 8 pieces. Slip the sleeving into the holes you drilled in the heads & secure with a drop of hin CA glue (don’t get glue into the sleeve) Fig 9. Now trim all the plug boots to the same length with a sharp pain of scissors. Your masterpiece should look like this now ( Fig 10). Now add he valve covers, inlet manifold and do not forget the distributor  You should end up with something similar than that in Fig 11 . After everything has set up the fun begins! Using your scissors, trim each plug lead to length and using a tweezers, thread the plug lead into the appropriate plug boots in the cylinder heads Fig 12 Also thread the coil wire to he coil. After the wiring is completed, you can now add the final pats to the motor like the starter, fan belt and fan assembly, headers, carbs and air cleaners (All painted and finished appropriately of course). Our project motor looks like this after everything has been fitted Figs 13 & 14. Neat huh? Well, next month I wil be bringing you coverage of the 15th SANNL Model show with photos of the hottest Hot rod, Custom and Muscle Car models in the country. Our 2nd chapter of this project, the chassis, suspension and wheels will be on these pages in the January issue. Till then, may you glue true!