BACK IN TIME Edition 22

1932 Ford Roadster

Built by John Jeffery

Article By John Jeffery

Photos By Joe van Zyl

Cars were invented to be driven! You cannot argue with that. Whether going to work, to the shop, taking the kids to school or going out for the night, you use the car.

So why are so many older cars not being used? There are thousands of Classics, Muscle cars and Hot Rods, not to mention Super cars, that spend most of, if not all of their time in the garage. WHY is that ?? You cannot beat seeing an older car in action. Why do you think historic racing, classic rallies and reliability runs are so popular the world over? Just seeing an older car in everyday trac will get you looking!

Now take the ‘32’ on these pages. It more than likely, covers more kilometres in a month, than all the cars put together in your local Hot Rod club, do in a year or two.
It has no frills, no massive horse power or fancy suspension. Only parts that work! It may have a traditional look but with very few traditional parts as they are now becoming expensive.
So there are a lot of very mundane, easy to access parts used. Cortina will be mentioned a lot, if you asked the owner about this car….. 

If something needs fixing, it means a trip to Midas for this guy and he is back on the road the same day, not having to wait for parts to be imported or manufactured.

He built this to look like a 1940’s Hot Rod (he nailed it big time in my mind) and did it just like they would have done back then, using what they had and what was easily available.
So, it’s not perfect but believe me it’s FUN…. drives like a dream, gets driven hard and let out in the rain.
The word Hot Rod, used a lot nowadays for all sorts of cars, but this is pure…‘HOTROD’ and we need more of them…

Body Style: 1932 Ford Roadster, Fibre Glass. 
Manufacturer: Dooster UK. One piece body. Purchased second hand, doors and trunk cut out and hung by previous owner.
Hood: Original ‘32’ with side panels (when fitted)
Grill: Fibre Glass shell. Original ‘32’ insert
Paint: Brown, mixed and applied by owner with foam roller.
Lights: Front, 1930’s’ Austin. Rear, Lucus.
Soft Top: Fully folding top using round tube frame covered in canvas cut from an old Army tent.
Screen: Posts cut down 3 1/2inch’s, screen frame by owner.

Chassis: By Dooster UK, heavily modified by owner.
Front suspension: Ford Pilot ‘I’ beam dropped the old-fashioned way. Slit wishbone, Transverse spring. Pete & Jake shocks.
Rear suspension: Cortina, triangulated four link with coil springs.
Brakes: Everything Cortina
Steering: Datsun box, Morris column and wheel, linked together with Cortina and Suzuki UJ’s
Wheels: 4×15 Hillman Minx all round.
Rear’s soon to be changed 4×16 Austin rims
Tyres: Firestone, 700×15 rear, 560×15 front.
Petrol Tank: Aluminium in the trunk.

Make: Rover/ Buick.
Internals: All stock with a mild cam.
Induction: Original intake modified to take a two barrel down draft carb.
Valve Covers: Original with Miller machined in the top.
Headers: By owner.
Exhaust: Straight through, no silencers.
Gear Box: Rover 5-speed.
Clutch: Mix of Cortina, Landrover and Midas.

Gauges: Mix of Triumph, Morris and a cheap parts store fuel gauge.
Seat: Nissan Patrol rear. With $5.00 Mexican
blanket, not one of these bright touristy one’s
that make your car look like a deck chair.
Other Items: Heavy steel internal frame.