Mad Lab – DNA Paint

What got the wheels turning for what is now known as “Mad Lab Custom Paints” back in 2004 was a 1979 Alfa Sprint Veloce with twin 40 Webers that my father and I built after a lot of modifications to the engine. Whilst we were building the car, we still ran our CNC machining shop, making parts for various industrial fields as well as hot rod billet pulleys and once-off sets of wheels. The body of the Alfa had been sent to a painter and he had done a beautiful paint job, but he had taken short cuts on the preparation.

This spawned the idea that I should “do it myself” and I started searching for the best products, something that I had not seen in local publications or paint shops. H.O.K, ALSA Corp in the States and various similar suppliers in the UK wanted me to be a gateway into the South African market but also wanted a lot of money up front. I then came across PTW “Products That Work” in Australia, which was a more family orientated business and had just started manufacturing and marketing the products themselves.

So I shipped products into SA like Metal flake, PlaZma PearlZ, Vari-A-tionZ and Glow-in-the-dark for my own project. After waiting 2 months for the goods to arrive, I was eager to get started and was amazed at how easy it was to get an awesome effect with almost no training or experience. I had completed the new body and the paint job literally sold itself. Every person who had seen the car asked where they could get the same product. I started importing more products that were on offer and registered the company in 2006 as DNA Genetically Modified Paints South Africa and recently changed it to Mad Lab Custom Paints.

Since then we have been involved in many projects like Big Boss Auto Joker Golf, collaborating with Shane Turner from Paint Drop Productions and draping Dixon F1 Racing Boats in Virtual Chrome as well as Devon Robertson’s Polo Cup Race cars. We sponsored Street Rods Africa and presenter Riaan Garthworth Venter with an Orange Whale ‘46 Chevy Deluxe built by Ettienne Botma from Street Rod Factory. We were also involved with Deon Visser of Remus Exhausts System’s Toyota Supra for which we won trophies at the 2008 Castrol Extreme show.

Our name got around and we started painting more extraordinary things in our “Extre-dinary” paint products. Rims that look like marble or that glow in the dark with Quinton from Hi-Tech Mag repairs, glow in the dark graphics on beautiful designs from customers around the country, like Ryan of Customs Creationz, Barend of Phantom Graphic and Willie of Galaxy Customs.
Painting was never the same again, the finishes and uses that were achieved with simple house hold items such as Glad wrap for our Lunar-A-LuzionZ or Marble paints were bringing back techniques from the 50’s such as wragging and brushing.
We didn’t just do paint-jobs for cars and bikes but also for any project requiring our expertise like splash-backs for kitchens and bars, rust effects for Man-caves and marble seats for She Sheds. We stock and have tested safety paints such as Thermo Shift which is a product that is chemically grown to custom requirements to change color when a specific heat is reached. We also supplied a Glow-in-the-dark powder to Planet Nails HQ to be used in nail art.
In conjunction with various panel-beaters like Emerald Auto Craft and Redline Panel beaters in Vereeniging, we can assist their customers who don’t know where to take their projects.

Our policy is to supply the best finishing products and our slogan is “Life begins with DNA” and I have been tagged “the Candy Man” (just don’t say it 3 times in the mirror). So bring your project to us and we can assist you with all aspects of it, from the mechanical to the fabrication, and finally, the colour.