Kas’s Rat Beatle

Owner: Kas Naicker

Owner since August 2014

1976 VW Beatle

Kas’s love for the humble Beatle goes way back to the days when his mum and dad were on holiday in Cape Town cruising the surf in a red convertible Beatle. Kas learnt to drive at11 and ever since then he’s loved working on cars. 

This Beatle is lovingly referred to as Beastly, a 1976 model with a 1600 engine. Beastly got its name from the noise it makes as the exhaust has no baffles, it is a pretty noisy bug! The car has been lowered using the unconventional method of cutting the blades in the front and a 3 click rear drop. Kas spent many weekends on the car, either cleaning or sorting out some of the many mechanical issues that came with the car. 

After the first week, Kas decided that the all white car needed some vinyl, his wife Delene was roped in to print the vinyl at work, (convenient that she works for a company that does vehicle branding). The car turned some heads as a non-conformist, but it was far from finished. After developing some body issues, major attention was required. So, in 2014, Kas enlisted the help of a novice panel beater by the name of Collin. In just 7 short days Beastie had a brand new look. The patina look was by purely accident, but Kas loved it and decided to keep Beastie that way, a Rat-Bug was born. 

2015 and 2016 were very trying years in the story of Beastie. The engine was pulled four times to sort all kinds of mechanical and electrical issues, even the suspension was acting up. Being fortunate to travel for an occupation, Kas researched all kinds of Beatle mods all over the world: Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, USA and even in Australia no Beatle was spared his gaze. Kas was particularly impressed and inspired by the insane “Fusca/Vocho” community. 

Kas says that his approach to Beastie will always be: “If it aint been done before, lets do it!”. All the small additions to Beastie were ideas of Kas to further add to the unique personality of this one of a kind bug. “VW BROTHERHOOD” is Kas’s own personal “branding”. “La Cosa Nostra is an everyday way of living in the Rat Aircooled World, which loosely translated means: “It’s our thing”. 

Kas would like to thank the following people without whom Beastie would not be what it is today:

  • His wife Delene;
  • His son Marciano;
  • Peet, his father in law;
  • Collin the “novice” panel beater;
  • Victor;
  • Noel and Isabel;
  • Matt and Jevano;
  • Paul;
  • Nick and Herbie;
  • The guys from Aircooled Hooligans;
  • The guys from Aircooled and Ink;
  • Never forgetting his soul brother from Brazil – Vinicius; and
  • Dimitrus and Theo