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In the last few years the Hot Rod and Muscle Car industry in South Africa has taken off with more and more people enquiring about these cars on a daily basis. The industry has evolved from backyard mechanics and home car builders to customizing and restoring companies with clients spending hundreds of thousands of Rands on their cars. After copious amounts of research Joe van Zyl decided to build an online portal to assist the industry in South Africa gain recognition, a website which celebrates Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Custom Cars, Classic Cars and Choppers. And so SA HotRods was born.


Motoring enthusiasts – particularly Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle Car, Custom Car, Classic Car and Chopper enthusiasts.. 23 – 50 years in age – Rodders tend to be a bit older and more responsible with the precious metal they are handling. LSM 8-10 – those with a high disposable income as these cars are usually rare and expensive to own and run. These cars are not usually intended as daily drivers so the owners have more than one car in their garage or are collectors. Successful – while the Rodding scene in the States is a big trend with a wide range of people participating, it is more of an elite scene in South Africa, with its participants being more self-actualized and leaders in their respective industries.


Since its inception has been welcomed by Rodders with open arms and has enjoyed phenomenal success. – To date the website had over 142 000 unique visitors and 2 100 000 page impressions. – generates an average of 10 000 unique visitors and 80 000 page impressions per month.


Motor shows have always been a major part of the Rodding culture. SA HotRods host and co-sponsor a number of events throughout the year that associate the brand closely with its target market, and offer an excellent opportunity to interact directly with our core readers. Sponsorship opportunities for these various events and the cost thereof are available on request.


The order constitutes a binding contract with, and firm commitment to Bullet Customs (Pty) Ltd.

All cancelled orders are subject to a 30% cancellation fee unless cancelled in writing within 48 hours of date of the confirmation order being received by SA HotRods (via email, fax or registered post).

Orders cancelled 14 days (2 weeks) prior to printing will incur a 50% penalty. Failure to cancel and/or withholding payment or copy material will render the client liable to full payment of the order value. – Design done by SA HotRods on the client’s behalf is subject to a 30% deposit before design can get underway.

Full payment must be made within 30 days of final invoice date, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed to in writing by both parties.


Joe van Zyl: 071 892 8813
Office: 021 201 0310 
Address: 79 Carlise Street, Paarden Eiland Cape Town, South Africa 7441