Article and photos by Joe van Zyl
Owner is Jeremy Nolan

On a rainy afternoon I met up with Jeremy Nolan from @Madskillz and his dream car 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe. Jeremy is easily one of the top air-brush artists in the country, he has put art on everything that moves, from bikes to cars to helicopters.

Jeremy told me the story behind this mobile canvas a 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe. I always wanted a 1939 Chevy, to me it was the first gangster car, the stuff Al Capone use to ride in. But I never even knew where to find one. Back in 2001 I went to the shops with my mom. She went in to a shop, I decided to stay outside on the pavement. I was standing outside Goodhope Cars and they where moving cars around on the showroom floor. As I turned around they pulled a black 1939 Chevy Master Delux right in front of me. My jaw just dropped. 

The car I have been looking for was right there in front of me. I went to the driver and started to ask him questions. The car was there for a year already and they just couldn’t sell it. So I asked him for the price, 25 000 big ones. I went home and got all my money together but I didn’t make it, So I called my cousin and told him to buy the car with me. The idea was to paint in pearl white with a roses air brushed on the back so we could use it for wedding and make some money. But that never happened. The car stood for a while. With the wedding idea gone, I went with my own flavour and painted it Matt Black. The car is still stock all we did was change it from 6 to12 volt and Simon from Old Mill Rod & Custom sorted out the motor and running gear for me. But she still runs the straight 6 216 motor with a 3 speed tranny. The white walls tires are paint, I have a friend who mixed up a special batch of paint for me. Dont have the money to bring in new Coker. So it will do now. The Tires really makes the car stand out. I has a presence about it.

I started the art on the car and over the years just added more to it when I had the time. I have spent over 120 hours on it and it has a bit of everything I like on there. You can see the EdRoth Rat Fink, Von Dutch Flying eye, even I bit of Iron Maiden. Its a combination of freehand and template work.
What I did was put a layer or silver on the car as my base then use 3 different types on black so I could get the depth that I needed. So I did it in reverse if I must say. The outside is basically done I do have a few more things to add to the bonnet and roof, people ask if I am still going to put clear over it but I like it the way it is. My next step is to do the interior, I am making up some steel door panels, then I am going to crazy with the inside, maybe also redo the seats. But for now she is perfect.