1982 Porsche 911SC OUTLAW

Article by Alex Dunford

Photos by Jason Clifton

Builders The Archive

The client came to The Archive with the vision to build a classic Porsche Outlaw. He was more inclined to follow the standard process of building a race replica of an ‘80s Porsche with Gulf or Martini decals.  The process was started by sourcing the right base for the build. We were very fortunate to know about a super clean 911SC for sale by another one of our clients. This would form the perfect base for the car that you see today.  Apart from a few small things that needed to be sorted out, the car was mechanically perfect.

An important factor with regards to this build was to remove and replace items instead of customizing them. This was done to allow the car to be easily put back to stock condition. All the original parts were carefully boxed and placed in storage. 

The style for the car was set as a 80’s 911RSR. We were able to source bumpers and a ducktail and started off by making molds and then recreating them. Once we had a set of RSR bumpers, we spent a lot of time fitting and shaping them to achieve a perfect fit. Often, builds lack the last 10% of detail and we wanted this car to be spot on. The ducktail was the same process. It was not period correct for an RSR and was only found on the earlier 2.7RS models but, it has the right look for the car. 

The fabricated panels were sprayed the same Champagne colour as the original car. The side skirts were removed for a cleaner and more classic Porsche look. The flag mirrors were removed and replaced with bullet mirrors. The rear quarter windows were replaced with louvered Polycarbonate windows from Carbone. 

Everything on the chassis and front and rear suspension is original. The car was just lowered on the standard suspension to a useable height whilst still getting the tyres to fill the arches, to achieve the race car look. 

The motor is a standard 911SC with a full service and maintenance history. It was also rebuilt by the previous owner before the car was sold to the current owner as a project car. 

The exhaust is a fully custom-built exhaust with the left and right banks running separately. The setup is basically a free flow exhaust with a very small silencer on each bank. The exhaust was fully replaced including the headers to keep the original fully intact. 

The interior brief was fairly simple. We removed the central console and installed a fire extinguisher. The steering wheel was replaced with a Momo Prototipo, which was spaced out with a custom boss. The seats were replaced with Recaro-style bucket seats, which are very similar to those found in a 2.7RS. The door cards were replaced with flat door cards with door pull straps and a release strap with which to open the door. The entire sound system was removed and a blanking plate with a vintage Tag Stopwatch placed on the dash. The entire design is very clean and simple.

The wheels were a big item from the start. We imported the first set of Fifteen52 rims into South Africa. These were designed in collaboration with Magnus Walker. From the start, we were set on the gold rims which we knew would make a statement. These rims also lead to the whole decal layout where gold is a major factor within the design. 

The rims are 16’’ with chunky Bridgestone semi-slicks fitted. The sizes are 205/50/16 in the front and 225/50/16 at the rear. 

The decals were designed to incorporate classic Porsche racing heritage – the 911R stripes over the top and the Porsche text on the side. The number 6 was chosen by the client and the smaller decals just classic racing. The Urban Outlaw decals were inspired by the Magnus Walker wheels. 

Overall, we are very happy with this build. It has gained international recognition through Porsche and several international car photographers. This has been our first big build and we look forward to our future projects. 

The entire build took us around 6 months and we most certainly did not rush any part. 

With regards to future projects, we are currently sourcing 2 more cars rebuild as Outlaws. These will be bigger than the first.